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Your goal is to be a succesful programmer. You need to manage your sleep and health while you make games to earn cash.


The game was made for the first BlackthornProd Gamejam.

This game is no where nere being finished. I don't even recommend you playing it. I am uploading because I want to be able to give feedback to others and rate their games. If you still want to test my "game", be my guest. I will probably fix the game as I intended to after rating period.

The idea

My idea for this game was a game kinda similar to cookieclicker and adventure capitalist and such. Your character gets productivity every second and you should be able to create games by paying with your productivity. When you created a game you would get money from that game. With money you would be able to buy food, coffee, mechanical keyboard and more. I also thought that your character should have different levels. When he reached lvl 2 for example he should unluck "DUAL WIELD". When he unlocked that he should be able to use two hands instead of only one to program. You can sleep whenever you want but if it is too late your character will fall asleep automatically, this would affect the productivity of the next day.


LifeAsAProgrammer (2).zip 15 MB

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