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This game allows you to fight your friends on the same computer using a keyboard.  Every player starts as a baby and ages when they die. When you have come to a certain age you will become an old man and when you die as an old man the game is over for you. You die of age. The goal is to be the last survivor, you want to be as young as you can be because the older you are the closer you are to death. 

This game was made for a big school project(in Sweden it is called gymnasiearbete). The project is being done in your last year of high school.


GenWars Windows 0.2.zip 16 MB

Install instructions

1. Open the .exe file

2. Press "Play"

3. Press "Local multiplayer" (In this version this is the only gamemode)

4. Choose how many players and choose names. "Playertext" and "Random maps" doesn't work. Keybinding is currently only working for player 1. 

5. Press "Start game"

6. Now the fun begins.  

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